Saturday, 3 May 2014

Mrs Blackbird takes a bird bath

More Yellow!

At this time of year, the rape seed flowers and striking strips of landscape dazzle with stunning yellow.  I've thrown in some blue too, spotted in a quiet patch of woodland off the road.


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Me and Yellow

So, here I am, curating my own little gallery of yellow work.  Initially, I thought about grouping the images by the medium used.  Instead, I thought it would be better to organise them thematically.  Some are pastel chalk, some are oil, and some are digital.  I think my main concerns are composition, colour and light.

'Floating Planes'



...and finally, a Christmas card design and a recent photograph.

Friday, 25 April 2014

More Tree Abstracts

I have been continuing to photograph trees, on and off, over the last few months.  Location-wise, I have visited the local churchyard, and also the woodland at Brayton Barff, near my home in Selby, North Yorkshire.  The latter I have been photographing fairly regularly over since 2011.

In photographing these groups of trees, I am mainly looking for strong abstract compositions.  These might be made up of contrasting boughs, perhaps thicker and thinner trees, or trees that are smooth next to one that is of more textured bark.
Although these are tall subjects, I am really looking at wide, narrow compositions, in order to emphasise the relative thickness of the 'lines' or perhaps contrasting edges.  I am less interested in recording the height or overall structure before me.  In the photograph immediately below, the spacing between the trees interested me, along with an apparently hap-hazard line of headstones in the middle distance, topped by the dark line of the hedge.

Here, the more densely-packed arrangement caught my eye. 

On this bright day, the sharp contrasts of light and shade helped create a dense black vertical, contrasting with the lighter, textured surface to its left.

 This shot was taken looking along the perimeter wall of the churchyard, next to the road.  I liked how the shadow from the wall created a snaking triangular shape, from which several verticals rose.  One or two of the trees became black, shadowy shapes, and the near-horizontal shadows creeping off leftwards seemed to work well against the vertical motif.

Although I mostly prefer black and white photography, the arrival of Spring is an opportunity to celebrate the colours of the natural world.  I am a big fan of yellow, and have often used it my pastel works and oil paintings.  Close to the woodland was a large field of rape seed, with its powerful yellow flower.  It provided a strong yellow-gold band of background against the trees on this side of Brayton Barff.  (Not to mention the soporific scent wafting over on the breeze.)

I am aiming to do a blogpost looking at my use of yellow.  It may be more a collection of images with less text to get in the way.  In the meantime, hope you can enjoy Spring.

Monday, 14 April 2014

audience response to teacher's jokes

Relax kids, I'm not about to give up on the jokes!

Saturday, 12 April 2014


In complete contrast to my recent posts, here are some digital drawings I have been doing.  They are on the theme of 'Embracing'.

Although my main work is abstract and not to do with the figure, I have maintained an interest in figurative art.  These are very rough abstract sketches on the theme.